• Oct 25 & 26.1s floor Lobby at building 395 and 400.


  • NOW  Hana's cafe & Deli - Extention, at 1st floor building 395. 
  • Visit Hana’s Café on the 1st floor of 400 Oyster Point.  Check out a wide selection of breakfast and lunch items along with grab and go snacks.




  • Need to get to and from Oyster Point Marina Plaza and BART or CalTrain?  Looking for ways to a smoother commute?  Check out www.Commute.org.



  • Sprucing up your work clothes for return to work?  Laundry Locker by Mulberry locations on site for wash and fold and dry cleaning pick up and drop off.  http://www.mulberryscleaners.com/laundry-locker/  or download the Mobile App Mulberry Dry Cleaners and look 395 and 400 Oyster Point Boulevard.